Update on those tweets from Jezza, Hamster and Cpt Slow yesterday

It appears that those tweets that went out yesterday about them working with an independant production company was not them suggesting about their new job but just mocking Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans after he stated he was filming a secret Top Gear filmhttp://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/jun... » 6/08/15 12:54pm 6/08/15 12:54pm


So I just read about the recent news that May and Hammond probably won’t renew their contracts with the BBC, so I thought about doing a “Cool Wall,” especially since I am very opinionated about cars. Pardon me if I’m acting too much like an orangutan, but I’d love for as many comments as possible (pin this post pretty… » 6/07/15 9:37pm 6/07/15 9:37pm