Getting Lost in the Maze District. II

Alright! Time to find higher ground. I love the heat and I love the desert, but even in this high desert running the AC all day was not what I was looking for. A quick look at the topo’s showed Mt Ellen nearby that peaked out at 11,500 feet. Let’s go! Nothing gets the heart racing like some tight switchbacks first… » 8/11/15 10:32am 8/11/15 10:32am

My Co-Worker Bought Me a Cold Air Intake

I made easily the best professional decision of my life a year ago in hiring someone who has since become a true friend. He’s consistently delivered quality work despite being overworked. We work at an ad agency, which might be the very best place to work in our area. It’s the sort of place you work at and buy a $400… » 8/07/15 10:08pm 8/07/15 10:08pm

I Wish I Could Save This, Because Someone has Plans to Ruin It.

As a preface, before the 4Runner existed, Griffith Motor Homes converted a few Hilux’s to SUVs from 1981 to 1983, in joint with Toyota. They called this SUV, the Trailblazer. This conversion is part of what got Toyota into the small SUV business, along with Winnebago’s Trekker, which they made slightly more of. An… » 8/03/15 9:31pm 8/03/15 9:31pm

Nice Price or Crack Pipe: White Egg Edition

Was looking on Craigslist when I found another interesting vehicle on the used car market...This one happens to be the venerable Toyota Previa, known to many as the enthusiast’s MPV because mid-engined. Well this particular example seems to be currently owned by one such enthusiast seeing as he’s even included a quote… » 8/02/15 9:19pm 8/02/15 9:19pm

NPOCP: 1982 Toyota Cressida Elegante for $650 OBO

I found something you don’t see everyday! A brown on brown with a beige landau top Cressida for only $650 OBO! Car has been sitting for about 9 years but started right up with a jump. Needs a decent cleaning but... for around $600, NPOCP? I really want to go save it BTW. » 8/02/15 7:25pm 8/02/15 7:25pm