2017 FR-S Power Bump to 210hp and Improved Handling

Haven’t seen this talked about on Jalopnik or Oppo, but has anyone else read this? This is coming from Motoring in Australia (who have been known to be fairly accurate with info) that the FR-S will get a model refresh and slight power bump to 210hp and 159tq up from 200hp and 151tq, Accomplished by reducing friction… » 5/26/15 10:07am Yesterday 10:07am

Fairwell and goodluck.

Well, The day has come...Well it was on a Monday, My friend took ownersip of my MR2. I regret I had not had time to fix the rear end damage but I got the parts on the way i am gonna send to him. It was frustrating but it was a fun journey. This is a Hiatus and Maybe one day, I shall be back in a MR2...maybe Inari will… » 5/20/15 9:48am 5/20/15 9:48am

After Action Report from this weekends autocross.

After a Week filled with the usual, Running calls and transfers, A large industrial fire at my volunteer department and dealing with a a rear-end collision from the hands of my neighbor which resulted in the deal I had with a good friend of mine buying my car for tuition money going down the crapper, I was in much… » 5/12/15 2:08am 5/12/15 2:08am