Ever wonder what the electronics inside a commuter train look like?

Answer: lots of relays (and other stuff). Some tech must have left this cabinet open on the RER B. It was fun listening to their clicking and clacking as the train pulled up to and away from platforms. Seen on the way to pick my parents up at the airport this morning. Showing them Paris for the next few days so I… »4/03/15 7:25pm4/03/15 7:25pm

​What it means to be movin' like a freight train.

There's fast trains. There's big trains. To be pretty big AND fast is a defining position. Movin' like a freight train is to be an unstoppable force, taking all the bumps, be a perfectly oiled machine that won't ever quit. This is the UP-844. It weighs 500,000 pounds by itself. It's doing 75mph. (on 80 inch wheels… »12/31/14 1:56pm12/31/14 1:56pm