Day off with the kids

Sitter took off for St Patty’s day, so I did as well. Took the boys to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, which despite it’s name is fairly small. But they have a solid collection, and let you climb over most of it. In other words, it’s a great place to take a pair of toddlers. Here’s the highlights.

Just the two

Time was when many thought two gears was adequate. GM made two speed automatics for many years. Later Honda used the Hondamatic, a manually operated two speed with torque converter which appeared in many cars and fewer bikes. I’ve got a vague memory of being on two speed buses. But the two speed was abandoned years…


Windy matters

Gizmodo has been telling us about a Danish wind turbine which has been producing record amounts of electricity. It’s big. It’s a Vestas V-164 and rises 220m or lots of feet over the North Sea. The rotor diameter is 164m which is also really big. Given enough wind it produces 9 MW.