GM Full Size Truck hierarchy with LOUD

  1. Tri 5, because yes.
  2. Square, because no truck can out truck a Square Chevy
  3. 60s, nearly tied for 2nd when it comes to truckiness, but I’m not too wild about the styling
  4. GMT800, because GM took that platform and did some cool shit like Quadrasteer and the 8.1 liter Vortec
  5. 49-early 55, they were peak ‘Murica
  6. K2, because I…


Driving Australia's Most Challenging Off-Road Trail

For most of Cape York, the remote peninsula north of Cairns that runs parallel to the Great Barrier Reef, the nearest major city isn’t even in Australia, it’s in Papua New Guinea. You know, where head-hunting was a thing up until a couple of decades ago. We just drove through it on the most challenging off-road trail…


Driving a Truck in London Looks Incredibly Hard

Some cities were never designed for large trucks simply because they didn't exist at the time of planning. Boston is a prime example: Thin and narrow roads make it near impossible for some pickup trucks to navigate, let alone a larger box truck. A lot of Boston's city and urban planning designs came from the old…