Hail Hipsters: The Sub-Culture that’s Saving Motorcycles

Motorcycle culture must look pretty funny from an outsider. You have your douchebag sportbike squids riding in groups of 100 smashing side mirrors off cars. Grease-bag wannabe hell’s angels dressed like…. pirates I guess? And don’t forget the dorky BMW riders with $20k “Adventure Bikes”, geared up in 5 grand worth of… »11/10/15 9:21pm11/10/15 9:21pm

The Time I Used Google's "Avoid Highways" To Avoid Highways.

Usually when I go somewhere, I usually don’t rely on turn-by-turn directions. I take a look at the map, jot down a few notes on a piece of paper, and that’s good enough. The few times I do use it, (smartphone or otherwise) it’s usually when I get lost, or need to navigate as we go if the destination is further away.
»8/24/15 12:00pm8/24/15 12:00pm