Why you shouldn't get a sport bike as your first bike.

So, I responded to a (slightly old) post about a guy who wanted to get into motorcycling. Too often, I see discussions about beginner bikes centered around how much power a certain bike has or “That’s way too fast for a beginner!” and in my experience, there’s so much more to it than that, so I decided to discuss it a… » 5/25/15 4:40pm 5/25/15 4:40pm

Got to ride a 1299 Panigale; here's my impression.

It’s not every day that someone lets you borrow their nearly-$30k superbike, so I didn’t exactly push it to the limit, but if you’re interested in what someone who’s never ridden anything sportier than a VFR 800 thinks of one of the top-of-the-line performance machines, read on. » 5/18/15 11:52am 5/18/15 11:52am