A Brief Primer on the USAF Thunderbirds

Late May is the start of airshow season, and nothing says air show like an aerial demonstration team. Fancy jet displays have become almost as synonymous with the manliness that is summer as beer brats on the grill, classic cars at the Rosie’s Diner parking lot and letting your expanding gut hang loose. The Air Force… » 5/29/15 10:12am 5/29/15 10:12am

Memory Fast Lane: The 1991 Ford GT (Escort that is)

When I graduated from college, way back in 1991, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the USAF. Back in the day, we had to wait to enter Active Duty until we trained so we had to wait around for the Air Force to put us to work. My Dad found me an awesome job driving truck for a whopping $19 an hour, that's about… » 8/11/13 4:02pm 8/11/13 4:02pm

Museum of the US Air Force - Restoration Facility Photo Dump

My family and I flew up to Dayton for a couple of days to check out the Air Force Museum.  When we arrived we signed up for the presidential hangar bus trip and I signed up as a standby for the restoration facility tour. They only get 44 people over there once a week, so this was a rare opportunity. Amazingly enough I… » 2/15/13 5:45pm 2/15/13 5:45pm