Spending Time With an Icon: The Acura NSX

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to drive some of the coolest cars on the planet and live out my boyhood dreams. I drove a Viper TA which was once a poster hanging on my bedroom wall, I drove an honest to god supercar when McLaren dropped off a 650S, and the absolutely incredible Morgan Three-Wheeler. I’ve… » 5/20/15 1:29pm 5/20/15 1:29pm

Looking for reassurance.

So, I figured I post on here, Just for reassurance and some understanding. I know deep down I am making the wise and logical and most benefiting in the long run but damn it, Does it Suck.

So, Past 2 years or so I have been in school pursuing my Associates Degree and my Paramedic licenses While working full time at a… » 3/30/15 5:22pm 3/30/15 5:22pm

Maximize Your Truck Bed with a DIY Storage System


Truck boxes are handy, but limited in the amount of gear they can store as well as their accessibility. This custom built truck bed storage system provides plenty of space for tools and materials, but also allows you to retain the use of your truck bed floor. » 3/05/15 12:05pm 3/05/15 12:05pm