A Weekend with the C30: Little Grievances 

Sometimes buying a car that was never even properly detailed by the dealership (since it lasted less than a day) has its drawbacks; the major being a few little things that need fixing. First, I have a driver side daytime running light out. Also, the passenger side amber marker indicator is out. And a light over the… » 5/17/15 8:18pm Sunday 8:18pm

Finally drove a V60 today, and I liked it more than I should.

There was a V60 at work today that needed driving, so I volunteered, being a Volvo enthusiast and two-time Volvo wagon owner, despite my recent replacement of my Volvo with a Mazda, and I'm always vehicularly curious. I'm a big fan of Volvo's lineup, and the S60 is a recurring favorite if mine amongst European luxury… » 5/08/15 7:06pm 5/08/15 7:06pm

V8 Supercar Management to Review Super Sprint Format.

After four incredibly dull Saturday races which saw a grand total of two passes inside the top five after the opening lap(and zero changes inside the top two), V8 Supercars upper management has confirmed they are looking at tweaking the formula, with a change to made possibly in time for the next round in Winton, in… » 5/05/15 2:41am 5/05/15 2:41am

Seeing This Makes Me Sad...

I found this 1996 Volvo 850 wagon for sale for $1000 and its essentially a mess. Unknown mileage (broken rolled back odometer), terrible interior, no AC, leaking power steering pump, bad paint, and a few blemishes. The fact that I sold my 4 year newer, lower mileage, very clean interior V70R for very little more is… » 4/19/15 2:54pm 4/19/15 2:54pm