Question Regarding Lowering Springs...

I want to slightly lower my car. Just enough to fill the wheel wells. But it still has to be a great daily driver. I want to not have to think twice about the route I take or go in a panic over speed bumps. Volvo sells an OEM 0.8” lowering spring kit, but will it be noticeable? Because that really doesn’t sound like… » 7/20/15 3:47pm 7/20/15 3:47pm

Some thoughts on being a young gearhead and learning to drive

Automotively, I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a late bloomer. Living in a relatively walkable part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and having nothing more appealing to drive than my parents’ pair of ugly 1990 Volvo 760s, a matched set of gold sedan and gold wagon, I didn’t bother with getting my driver’s license… » 7/07/15 3:45am 7/07/15 3:45am

Design Details: A question of foglamps

As you probably know as a fellow Opponaut, it is pretty common within our circles to lambaste automakers for making the lack of driving lights/foglamps blatantly common on base level cars. Case in point: On Hooniverse... Now, just because this is the only example online I could find doesn’t mean there aren’t other… » 6/18/15 7:03pm 6/18/15 7:03pm