Design Details: Plastic Wheel Covers Edition

On Design Details this week is the age old argument of wheel covers. Plastic ones, to be exact. As enthusiasts we have always lambasted the look of a plastic wheel cover, preferring the clean look of a blank steelie. However, for most non-enthusiasts, putting a decorative cover over the filthy black wheel is a high… » 8/27/15 9:12pm Thursday 9:12pm

An Oppo On Vacation - Asheville, NC

Last week, I went to Asheville, NC for some much needed vacation time with the family. As usual, I had packed up my trusty old Nikon D5100 for some great picture taking, and again as usual, I forgot it at the house and had to rely solely on my iPhone for taking pictures... So, getting in to Asheville and it’s… » 8/18/15 11:31am 8/18/15 11:31am