I Took My Cheating TDI In For Emissions Testing And This Is What Happened

So I’m one of those guys; those Nazi loving environment hating guys that bought a Volkswagen TDI knowing FULL WELL that several years after I bought it I would discover that it was actually an acid rain factory that was designed to melt baby seals and erode the moral fabric of America. »10/26/15 4:20pm10/26/15 4:20pm

World Record Attempt! In a Roundabout.

At 9am this Tuesday morning I’ll be headed into my local roundabout for 3 hours of circling in an attempt to set a world record. Making this even more daring I’ll be driving my project car/daily driver, a ‘87 VW Cabriolet complete with Frankenmotor, a funky clutch, leaky powersteering rack and more than my share of… »10/13/15 9:02am10/13/15 9:02am