VW Beetle: Irrefutable Design Theft (Germans LAZY, God Forgets Patent)

The Bombardier beetle is a finely engineered bio-mechanical machine which deliberately mixes precise amounts of hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones, and uses a rapidly moving valve system. It’s tiny internal “engine” produces 500 tiny explosions in their backside each second. The explosion exits through a specially… » 5/02/15 4:25pm 5/02/15 4:25pm

Adventures In Automotive Consulting: A MkVII Golf For The Lady, Part 3

Nearly a week has passed since the events of this story took place and looking back it makes me think that everything ended up exactly as it should have. I’m not a strong believer in fate or anything but I do believe that we regularly take cues from our subconscious thus acting on a strange impulse that sets us on a… » 4/29/15 3:00pm 4/29/15 3:00pm

An Ode to the Mad King Piech! - Leader of VW and Father of Dragons 

The madness of King Piech was legendary - In the mythical tale ‘The Creation of The Phaeton - The Most Perfect Sedan in the World’ The 10 commandments were given from Herr Piech - and the engineers rebelled, whined and the word ‘unmöglich’ might have been retorted by a poor fool that now engineers VW Polos without one… » 4/25/15 9:11pm 4/25/15 9:11pm