Your Ridiculously Awesome Murcielago SV Wallpaper is Here

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Murcielago SV is my favorite Lamborghini ever made. Yes, it’s four wheel drive. Yes, it’s an auto gearbox. But I am simply obsessed with how the guys in Santa Bolognesa went batshit insane on such a beautiful, timeless design. The front splitter. The rear splitter. That… »6/18/15 3:06pm6/18/15 3:06pm

Car Spotting & People Watching At Bimmerfest 2015

I wasn’t supposed to go to be at Bimmerfest 2015. I was supposed to be on my way to the high desert for a 3 day camping trip with an Airstream in tow behind the Infiniti QX 80 I have for a week. However a series of unfortunate events led to my chrome rolling dreams being dashed (more on that soon) and I found myself… »5/27/15 12:30pm5/27/15 12:30pm

OK, Now I Think The GT-R Is Photogenic

It was a cool and foggy up on Angeles Crest Highway earlier this morning, perfect conditions for shooting photos of the GT-R. Most of the photos I see of the GT-R are always in urban setting with the car perfectly lit from every angle. My goal was to get out and see if it was at all inspiring to shoot in the wild, I’d… »5/17/15 11:45am5/17/15 11:45am