My $12.95 watch was mistaken for a Brietling!

My company mandated uniform compliance timepiece - we have to wear a watch. Employee handbook says so - was mistaken for a Brietling from ten feet away. This is the exact watch. It’s sexy enigmatic features include a digital half that couldn’t keep time and a mechanical part that kept amazing time, courtesy of the … »5/09/15 11:41am5/09/15 11:41am

A Boring Hobby for the Vain & Pretentious: A Primer on Wristwatches

The ontological discussion about the necessity of the Apple watch has forced me to reevaluate one of my more embarrassing facets: I am a Watch Guy. It’s a hobby that instantly brands you as one of those kinds of people – the ones that live in a world of leased 320i’s with eBay M-badging, webbed belts adorned with the… »5/04/15 9:00am5/04/15 9:00am

14 Stunning Timepieces From the Greatest Watch Show on Earth

Gadget nuts have CES, kids at heart get Toy Fair, video gamers have E3, but if it's watches that ring your bell, every spring you'll want to head over to Basel, Switzerland for Baselworld. It's where the world's horological masters gather to unveil their latest timekeeping works of art. And these are the most… »5/09/13 11:13am5/09/13 11:13am