Your Ridiculously Soggy Sahlen's 6 Hours Gallery

This weekend was wet. Really wet. It rained all day Saturday, and much of the racing afternoon was cancelled - Tudor qualifying first, then the Super Trofeo race after the GT3 Cup guys tried to have a go of it. And Sunday the weather teased us with dry but overcast conditions before forming rivers and lakes on track… »6/29/15 3:44pm6/29/15 3:44pm

Race of the Week : 1986 Kodak Copier 500k(GTP)

As an avid fan of most things racing, I find myself watching many old races over the course of the off-season(and hell, actually during the seasons as well!), and figure that I'd like to share them with other like-minded racing aficionados. This'll hopefully become at least a weekly bit, with the occasional midweek… »4/18/15 4:22pm4/18/15 4:22pm

Watkins Glen Vintage Weekend 2013

Watkins Glen's SVRA vintage event has occupied the weekend after Labor Day for a good long while now, putting a period on the hot summer weather and waving the green flag on what every classic car afficionado knows is the best season for classic motoring: autumn. Old cars (and old car drivers) love the cooler air. »9/07/13 3:22pm9/07/13 3:22pm