List: The Age Of Current WRC-Drivers Compared To The Age Of WRC-Champions

Some say that the WRC is boring, without any profiles, that the drivers aren’t as good as in the old days and so on. That might to some extent be true, but there are some proof that we are entering another golden age. Let’s look at the age of the current WRC-drivers compared with the age of WRC-Champions when they won… »11/16/15 2:29pm11/16/15 2:29pm


Forget the Nurburgring, I Want to Drive Ouninpohja

If there’s one rally stage fans know by name the world round it’s Ouninpohja and for good reason. This 21 mile stage is one of the fastest on the calendar and is filled with sixth gear 120 mph straights, high speed corners over blind crests, massive slides, massive crowds, and the massive 180-foot Yellow House Jump.… »8/21/15 1:16pm8/21/15 1:16pm

Subaru WRC gearbox change

Have a video of a Subaru WRC demonstration showing the replacement of the transmission. The video lasts 5:06, though they don’t quite have it completed by the end of the video. The transmission is back in, but I’m not sure that they have all the connections done when the video ends. Video quality isn’t great and you… »4/23/15 4:32pm4/23/15 4:32pm

The Hills Are Alive with The Sound of Turbo Chirping

The "0" car had left quite a while ago, the people on the bridge were waiting eagerly. A small silhouette appeared beneath the ice-capped top of the mountain, followed by an angry grunt. It was a Citroen and it was approaching fast. "C'est Loeb!" shouted someone with a better eyesight. The King was coming through… »1/28/15 1:22pm1/28/15 1:22pm