Top 10 Motorcycle Themed YouTube Channels

The video-sharing service that started just 10 years ago has completely changed the way we consume video media. YouTube has given niche markets a platform like never before. There are lots of great motorcycle channels in the YouTubeverse; here is a list counting down the Top 10 Motorcycle Themed YouTube Channels. »Wednesday 6:00pm11/25/15 6:00pm


Car Porn: F1 Brembo Pad Stress Test

These brakes aren’t the same level of quality you can order from PepBoys or even any dealership. Of course, you don’t expect them to be and neither do the professionals that use them in 180 mph+ races. Suspension and wheels are very important, as they should be. But I have to argue that brakes are the utmost important… »10/15/15 12:40pm10/15/15 12:40pm

Interview with Michael Spinelli of /DRIVE

Behind the Wheel” is a series of interviews that will be an ongoing theme with TCF, interviewing not the CEO’s and chief designers of the automotive industry, but rather those who report on them. Previously, I held an interview with SaabKyle04, detailing how he started his career and where it has led him as well as »6/28/15 1:27pm6/28/15 1:27pm

3 Great Things I've Realized About DRIVECLUB

I’m gonna be perfectly honest. I didn’t expect DRIVECLUB to hold up so well, and I was one of those gamers that moaned about not getting the PS + edition. To be honest, this should have been off of my wishlist because tuning and customization were nonexistent, but as I played around with the game, I grew accustomed to… »6/16/15 3:44pm6/16/15 3:44pm

Range Rovers Controlled By iPhones: Bad Idea

Tesla has an app to remotely start and unlock your car. Ford does too. In fact, many automakers are rolling out smartphone applications to control basic features of the car right from inside your home. Range Rover UK is taking things a little too far with their new prototype Range Rover Sport that can be controlled… »6/16/15 11:29am6/16/15 11:29am

Watch a Nissan GT-R Lap Le Mans in 360 Degree Video

With all the buzz of Le Mans kicking up for the upcoming race, we noticed that Nismo put a 360 degree video rig on a GT-R and took it for a spin around the Circuit de la Sarthe. If your computer can handle it, kick it up to 2 or even 4K. Also, any Android device or computer using Google Chrome can take advantage of… »6/13/15 11:12am6/13/15 11:12am