Technical: Mercedes's simple tyre wear solution

A photo taken by XPB's Russell Batchelor (below) in Italy reveals exactly what Mercedes have been doing to control the temperature of their fronts and rears.

The inner-side of the wheel rim is covered in small extrusions. This 'dimpled' effect creates more surface area to dissipate the heat generated by the tyre. Whilst it might only be by a small amount, it seems it's enough to ensure the tyres remain in the crucial 'optimum operating temperature window'. According to former Williams chief engineer Mark Gillan, the design is incredibly complex to achieve and should offer a 25-30% improvement. "This complex dimpled and scalloped pattern is not straightforward to manufacture and therefore indicates a lot of research and development has gone into developing this component and proving its benefit before committing to its manufacture," he told James Allen on F1, adding it should "give up to 25 to 30% thermal transfer improvements over the smooth surface variant" which is currently run by Mercedes' rivals. - See more at: