As my Mondeo ST24 is the first ever ST Ford, it didn't have much of a brand identity at the time of release. This means that the dash cluster isn't much to look at...

The dash cluster was that shit and boring I never actually took a pic of it while it was installed in the car.


I then sourced a cluster off the Hi-Po "ST200" from Europe. This had badass blue faces that are conveniently a similar color to my car and a 160MPH speedometer. But most of all, it had "ST200" branded faces instead of the lame "V6" faces like my old one. This also meant that as a result, my primary units would now be Imperial (FREEDOM!) but I'm not gay for the Metric system, so I was more than happy to give it the boot!

Installation was a piece of cake, quite literally plug and play. The only exception was the foam not going back into shape. There's always that one piece that is a pain in the ass...

The new dash is so much better, really livens up the interior and I've even got the hang of the conversions so the speed limits are no issue. An additional advantage is that my gas gauge now reads correct! The only downside is that my mileage now goes up in miles, but I took note of where the old one ends and the new one starts, so it's all good.