Before I started all of this, I didn't really imagine it would lead anywhere. I haven't been around that long and I don't know that many of you. I haven't ever been featured on the front page (at least to my knowledge) and I haven't ever had a 10k+ view article. But, the comments I've received about my writing style and the encouragement from the community here on Opposite Lock have been phenomenal, and I've kept at it. I publish an article on an almost daily basis. I miss the odd day now and then when I have to go and get beaten to within an inch of my life at the physio, but that's forgivable right? I figure you guys need a break from my incessant ramblings now and then anyway.

Some of you may have noticed I've been quieter than normal in the last few days. I've been working on negotiating a very big 'thing' over in my new writing role at I'm not absolutely certain it's going to come through yet and I can't say who it is and what it is obviously, but I can say that I am punching well above my weight. The party concerned have been impressed with my enthusiasm and persistence, and they've liked my ideas.


Guys, If it all works out I just want to say thank you for encouraging me, supporting me and helping me. Basically; just being you guys. I haven't been here long and you welcomed me with open arms and had only positive things to say about me and my writing style.

Finally, I'd really like as many of you as possible to support and especially this big 'thing' I'm working on if and when it comes out. I know it's a pain and you have to visit another website and share stuff and like stuff on facebook and all that jazz and I know it takes a few minutes but I have it from a very important person that if I impress with this... I could gain access to more 'things'. I could further my career. I could do more. That means I could fulfill my dreams. My dreams guys.

I'm English, and far too proud to get on my knees and beg. But please, help our little website if you can, especially help me if and when my big 'thing' goes live, and help me fulfill my dreams.


Before all of this started I thought there was more chance of me being able to pull a tree out of the ground. Maybe...just maybe.