Semi-political musings below...

Ooh, pretty, calming, tranquil...

My wife and I are among the few that really liked The Newsroom on HBO (with the exception of Maggie and her character’s entire being). The last few months, the opening scene has been continuously looping in my head. In particular Will McAvoy’s response to one of the questions asked of the panel. If you watched the show you certainly remember it, if not, it’s below (sorry it’s not great quality, had to quickly cut it, encode it and upload it):

Also loved later on when they were trying to get the debate but with an all new format. All debates from here on out should have that format. Anyway, back to the point...

I’m not here to start a political brouhaha. I’m not here to tell you what my political beliefs are or what I’ve thought about this country for the better part of 20 years (since I was 13 - though you can probably figure it out based on my feelings towards this clip). I’m here simply to say two things,



1) Aaron Sorkin fucking nailed it here, and I can’t help but wonder why this show wasn’t more popular and if it wasn’t, perhaps, a bit too early?

2) Regardless of what your political beliefs are, now more than ever you should not be sitting on the sidelines. Go out and be heard, whether that’s signing petitions, starting petitions, reaching out directly to your elected representatives, volunteer — however you see fit. Just remember, you don’t have to be heard 24/7.

I could make a political rambling post that would infi-scroll to shame, but I’m not going to. Again, regardless of what you believe, stand up for it, be heard but also be willing to listen. Also, try not to be obnoxious about it. A lot of people still haven’t learned that being the loudest doesn’t mean you’ve won anything or are right.


I’m sure that given more time I could make this more eloquent, but oh well, I hope you get the point. That is all, good day everyone.