As many of you know, our friend Aaron Brown owns a burgundy 944 affectionately named "Carla". However that 944 came with a glaring omission... a radio.

A few weeks back we went on a parts trawl to look for parts for our cars, since he owns a 944, and I own a 924 many of the parts are actually interchangeable. One of the things we bought that day after panhandling on the street to afford Porsche parts was this CR-220 radio. Guess how much it cost?

10 bucks.

The guy said he didn't know if it worked or anything, sold as is. We didn't test it but for 10 bucks it's a steal. These radios go for at least 100 bucks on eBay usually.


Today we finally got to test if this radio worked. Aaron asked me to wire this radio into his car (amazingly a few people actually had the nerve to say that this couldn't be done... wtf?) which already had been wired for a standard DIN radio (aka the garbage you find at Wal-Mart), but that was not good enough for the Porsche radio, so I told him to order a reverse wiring harness and with that I tore into the already chopped up radio wiring and wired in this 996 harness. What do you know, it worked. Aaron got the code off renntech, and tomorrow we need to tweak the wiring for the speakers (since only two were wired to the previous DIN harness and I assumed they were just both fronts but it turns out it was just one side of the car f+r), and the antenna connector on the 944 doesn't fit in the CR-220 so we gotta splice in something that does. The last and final touch is for me to find a switched power source so the radio turns on and off with the car, but I didn't do that today because I was lazy and working on the side of the road in NYC by CCC. It was cold.

So in the end, you get a decently modern and stock looking radio, and no amplifier was needed (Aaron thinks pretty poorly of people who invest into car audio systems... like I did).

Yay for (classy) mods!