Sure, you might think that you have better things to do when attending the Le Mans 24 hours than to spend a couple of hours in a museum. But honestly, trust me it’s worth it. Plus it’s now free to visit during the race weekend, and stays open until 1am. And when it rains, it’s the best shelter you can find!

Located near the main entry, just after the start/finish straight, it’s way bigger than you’d first think. Not so huge that you would spend a day in there, but enough to encompass most of the race’s history.


I doesn’t only have race cars, either, but also cars that were significant in the race’s history. And a couple of bikes that race here too.

Honestly I was blown away by the quality and the diversity of the cars presented there. You start with some pre-war rarities, and go all the way through to the famous failed Nissan FWD car, walking by a Mazda 787, a couple of Matras, a 917, a Corvate pace car, a Jaguar XJR-9, an Audi R8 LMP1... And just when you think they couldn’t fit any more amazing machines there, you go into the small exhibition room where they brought some ‘60s F1 cars that raced on the short track there.

So yeah. Set aside an hour or two of your race watching next time you come to Le Mans, and do yourself a favour by visiting the museum. It’s awesome.

Also guys, I’m sorry but this is a scheduled post, so I won’t be able to answer any comments today. The good reason for that is that I’m currently in a pre-war Rolls Royce, driving towards the Channel, to go to the annual Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club reunion in the UK. I know, I know, life is tough.