I took a vacation day today and washed and waxed my car. This coming Sunday is the gender reveal party for our family and friends, and my car gets to play a key role. So, I wanted it to look its best.

(Hint: It’s a boy. You Oppos that are my FB friends, don’t say anything!)


Anyway, on to car photos. I just took driveway pictures today because I honestly don’t want to drive it anywhere and risk getting it dirty. Ha!


It was built in August 2015 (noticed that today as I was wiping down the door jambs and saw the build sticker). 10,400 miles on it, now. I’ll have owned it for a year on October 10. It’s been an eventful year with a few nicks and scratches on it (much to my dismay), but I still think it looks good. It’s ready for dad-car duty. I ordered this decal on Sunday: