I finally got one. This is my new 2002 Volvo V70 2.4T. It’s a wagon, it’s white, it got a turbo and it has a blown motor. I only paid $600 bucks and so far I am loving every minute of it. The car is rust free, has new brakes and a bunch of new suspension work.

Right now the plans are to throw a new motor in it and have a very utilitarian daily driver because my Crown Vic was useless when it comes to storage capacity. I also expect way better gas mileage with this thing.

Today I tacked engine removal. It wasn’t as straight forward as a a Ford V8 but nothing I couldn’t handle. I noticed Volvo likes to use torx screws for a lot of things which can be a pain to work with. Also the wiring insulation leaves a lot to be desired.


The old engine was seized solid. I had to drop the pan and remove rod bearing caps to rip the bearings out. At least one was spun and chewed to shit.

I still haven’t figured out where this guy’s oil went. The turbo looks like it has a leak because intercooler had quite a bit of oil in it but other than that I am not sure.


Next step is finding a replacement engine.