Every year the world’s rarest, fastest and most expensive cars gather for a week leading up to the Pebble Beach Concours. For an entire week cars take over the small town of Monterey, California and millions of dollars worth of automobiles line the streets. This was my second year attending the famed Monterey Car Week, you can see some photos from last year here.

The trip started at 6:00AM Monday with some friends we were driving down with in a 997 Turbo S 918 Edition and Jaguar F Type SVR. After grabbing some coffee we began our 11 hour journey.

We arrived in Monterey late Monday afternoon and went into town to see if there were any cars out. We didn’t find much this early in the week, besides this rather unique Testarossa Spider. After a quick walk around downtown we went back to our B&B since we had an early start the next morning.

For a photographer, the only way to get good shots at an event is to arrive early. In the case of Concours on the Avenue...very, very early. We arrived to the show at around 7:30, two and a half hours before the event actually started. There weren’t too many cars yet besides this black 918 and 288GTO.

Because there was some time before cars showed up, my friends and I walked around the side streets looking for any other non-show cars.

One of my favorite cars of the entire week I found sitting just off Ocean Avenue. A Ferrari 250GT SWB, finished in the best color for any Ferrari. Among others I also found one of my favorite RWB builds, RWB Atlanta.

Soon cars started showing up to the event. I didn’t take many photos since there were tons of people, but here were some of the highlights, including another Vintage Ferrari, this time a 275GTB with a fantastic license plate.

Although Concours on the Avenue focuses on classics, Acura had their new cars on display including the NSX GT3.

The original plan was to visit Monterey’s local track, Laguna Seca, before the historics started, then go again for the actual races, however unlike last year there was a $100 entry fee later in the week so we ended up not going for the races. Luckily we got a good look at a lot of the racecars there Tuesday afternoon.

BMW had a ton of their cars there, including a lot full of M cars, and this Alpina.

The people at BMW were very accommodating, and let us look around their entire storage garage while they were moving cars to their display for later in the week. One of the mechanics also let me sit in one of their 3.5CSLs. Big shoutout to BMW USA for letting us in ... especially since I don’t think we were really supposed to be there.

On our way back from Laguna Seca a friend of mine posted some videos of some Veyrons unloading nearby. We figured out where they were and made our way to Carmel Valley Ranch.

Usually I wouldn’t care about a Veyron or two, but it turns out these two transport trucks were carrying EIGHT Veyrons, most from the East Coast.

I don’t have a good photo of them all lined up, but seeing eight Veyrons parked beside each other was pretty epic.

The next morning we meet up with the 100OCT drive to Canepa Motorsports Museum. The rally included 20+ supercars and even a few hypercars including the Lykan Hypersport and Rimac Concept One.

After the cars had parked the group went in to check out the Canepa museum and workshop.

I didn’t take many pictures inside but the amount of legendary race cars and rare road cars was incredible. I believe there were five Porsche 959s there.

After returning from Canepa we went back into downtown to find more cars, including this PTS Mint Green Cayman GT4.

A huge part of Car Week is all the auctions, from RM to Gooding to Mecum, all of them have their biggest events during car week. We decided to check out Mecum since they seemed to have to coolest cars this year.

Next up was Bonhams Auction at The Quail. We didn’t plan on going in, but for only $10, it was definitely worth it.

I didn’t take too many photos, but the 964 Turbo S Slantnose and Euro-spec F40 caught my eye.

Even though the Quail Motorsports Gathering was the next day, we went in to see the event setup. Last year when we went the day before, we were kicked out (presumably because they didn’t want anyone seeing the Aventador SV Roadster before its debut), but this year they let everyone look around.

This year Lamborghini decided to unveil another new car, this time the Centenario Roadster. We got word from a friend that a “new surprise car” would make an appearance and through a few connections we concluded that this was the car. By the time it was unloaded everyone had gotten word that this was the car, and people crowded around the transport truck. The staff did a terrible job pretending they had authority over the police there and tried to hold everyone back. Eventually there were about five police officers managing the crowd and threatening people with tickets. I didn’t see the point of getting up close since I’d probably see the car the next day anyways, so I stayed away from the crowd. (I still got yelled at multiple times by police even though I didn’t move at all. Thanks Monterey Police).

This was the first appearance of car collector Kris Singh’s new Koenigsegg Agera XS. It has the brightest paint of any car I’ve ever seen. It’s not possible to describe how insane the color is. I believe the paint contains crushed diamonds to create the brightness, because rich people can do that I guess...

This one-of-one bare carbon bodied Enzo was housed at a dealer in Europe, however the owner lives in the US and shipped the car here for Car Week.

The transporter of this Reventon curbed the wheel while positioning the car. I saw it happen and it was painful, half of the lip was scraped and part of the carbon fiber spoke was ruined.

The eight Veyrons joined a ninth brown Remembrant Edition Vitesse at the Quail.

Although many believe there is only one black MC12 in the world, there are actually two. This one pictured is the only one purchased new in black, the other one that made an appearance at Car Week last year was resprayed at the factory after purchase. The repainted car also has the standard wheels, these are chrome.

That night, after spending most of the day at The Quail, we headed back downtown for dinner and to spot more cars. This MSO Burton Blue (Not to be mistaken with the standard range Azure Blue) Mclaren P1 was back again.

The next morning was Werks Reunion early in the morning. A great event for Porsche fans, so I enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t particularly like the way the cars were arranged as far as photos, so I didn’t take too many.

Later that day of course was Quail. Always the highlight of Car Week and one of the most prestigious car events in the world. Tickets cost upwards of $500 and are limited as well as somewhat invite only. However my friends were required to show up early to the next show to display their cars, so they left a few hours early and graciously gave me their wristbands. However before getting my pass in, I went around the parking lot, which is commonly referred to as a show in itself.

In the parking lot was also multiple P1s, 918s, endless amounts of 458s, Aventadors and the like. There were even two 959s and a Ferrari 166 Barchetta.

One of the featured marques of this year’s Quail was the Lamborghini Miura. As a result there were around 25 of them lined up together. From orange P400s to green SVs, there were endless combinations of colors and models. It was the largest gathering of Miuras in the world since the car’s launch.

My favorite car ever made is definitely the Mclaren F1, and although I didn’t get to see my personal favorite (Chassis 014), there were two others there including this F1 GTR Longtail chassis 28R.

Yet again Pagani had a huge display at the Quail with plenty of Huayras, with the centerpiece being the new Huayra BC.

The final event for the day was Exotics on Cannery Row. Although the cars were cool, there were way too many people to get good photos, but here are a few of the better ones.

Usually I’m a fan of crazy colors on supercars, but this factory matte blue paint I was not a fan of. Reminds me of painter’s tape. Although respect to the owner for doing something this wild, it’s better than Resale Red with black wheels.

To close out a long day we went back into town to see what cars were out. I got some great shots of a few P1s street parked, this one in race mode.

One of my personal favorite P1s. MSO Satin Volcano Red paired with carbon accents and the non-US headlights makes this a beautiful spec. The owner shipped this car to LA from the Middle East, and drove it to Monterey. The rumor is the car has around 10k miles.

Continuing with the P1 theme, on our final day we visited the Mclaren lodge to check out some of the cars.

Another love or hate color, MSO Fistral Blue. Personally I quite like it, although I would not have done the Mclaren Orange calipers.

On our way to our final stop, 17 Mile Drive, we randomly came across the Koenigsegg Regera stopped at a gas station. We followed it back to the hotel where all the Bugattis, Koenigseggs and Paganis were staying.

A few minutes later the Bugattis on the other side of the parking lot started their rally.

The final stop for the day was 17 Mile Drive for the Mclaren photoshoot. Two P1s parked in race mode next to the ocean was one of the coolest photoshoots I’ve been a part of.

Monterey Car Week is one of the best experiences for any car enthusiast, whether you like the newest supercars or vintage racecars. I highly recommend taking the trip, and like Doug Demuro demonstrated a few years ago, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money either.

Bonus Images:

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