I saved all my pictures of my trip to London and pictures from around town for one big post.

Let's begin.

First up, my fathers car.


Classic Volvo with vintage road service badges. Note the new style license plate

(three letters in the middle), that means it was imported not long ago.

A Nissan Bluebird wagon

A Land Rover used by a gardening company.

A rare sight, a 90's Mustang. Because road tax is measured by weight, American cars are a rare sight.

Then I went to London.

These are everywhere.

The Royal Air Force museum parking lot.

Sorry for the finger..

Inside the RAF museum

Then, they gave us the afternoon off. Me and a friend asked a taxi driver where the Lambo dealership was (we spotted it earlier that week) and we were off to South Kensington.

Naming your car after a Pokemon? that's okay I guess.

Then we walked around the corner, and immediately saw this:

The guy gave us a thumbs up, and when the light went green, Floored it. Leaving a trail of rubber behind. chasing the other Range Rover from before.

Chrysler 300 SRT

Then I saw my favourite car from that trip: A Honda Beat.

I saw it and immediately ran over, exited as fuck, because I saw my first Kei-car.


The woman inside had no idea what was happening, two strangers surrounded her car taking pictures of her shitty, small and slow city car (She has no idea). Here she is covering her face.

Then we had to run and dodge oncoming traffic. Light turned green.

Then my phone , which has been taking over 400 photo's that day, froze. Suddenly my camera went wierd.

Mitsubishi I-miev shot ruined by people and my camera

Owner of this Ferrari pulls up. Gets out. Leaves car running. keys were in it.

Radio was on. Walks inside coffee shop. Orders coffee and starts reading a newspaper.

Then the most amazing thing happened. We walked on the sidewalk and looked into an alley. We saw three Maserati's behind it. The fence was opened a bit. It clearly said ''NO TRESPASSING'' and ''VIDEO SURVAILANCE''. Of course we ignored it. and took this picture.

Then some guy in a suit came around the corner and yelled: ''HEY YOU TWO, GET OVER HERE''. We considered running, but we approached him. He asked ''You two like those?' , while pointing at the cars, we nodded yes, and then he said: '' Follow me, I got some things you might like'' while smiling.


We walked with him around the corner, and our jaws dropped. In an Alley behind a 4 story flat was a second hand exotic car dealership. Here are some of their cars:

A real JDM Spoon S2k

Overfinch Land Rover Defender.


When we left,

I saw a Proton. Never seen one in my life.

That was all we did for the four hours we had. Chasing cars like dogs and then getting on our knees taking pictures while the owner either covered his face, or smiled and gave a thumbs up.

Back in The Netherlands, I continue my carspotting.

Here is a Kia Joice, wich has color changing paint. In person, this car looked orange.

Another really rare sight, a Pontiac Grand Am in beatiful condition.

A classic Suburban, taken while on my bike.

Then I moved. When I saw this car around my new neighbourhood, I knew I was in a good neighbourhood.

Last, but certainly not least, a Dodge with on the side a Prospector(?) badge.