Whoa, what's this? Another real name on Oppo? That's right, you're all one step closer to stealing my identity (but honestly, you couldn't make my credit worse if you tried).

I joined as a Johnny-come-lately commenter some time in late 2011 as I was starting my first foray into what some would refer to as an "adult job," where there are ergonomic desk chairs and awkward hallway stare-downs aplenty. I had been a reader since 2008, but with lots of idle time on hand, it was time to enter the fray.

I decided on "Caprice-Capish," because I'm part Italian, I love Caprices, and I didn't think anyone would be able decipher the proper spelling of "capish" (FYI, it's capisce... I think). I later changed it to B. Body Burnout - you know, like how fancy-pants authors or people from the south are always named something like G. Hunter Willoughby - and that has served me well.


Until now, that is. See, after three years at this "adult job," it's occurred to me that what I really want to do is pursue the dream we all share - to become an auto journalist. But how could I even begin to chase that goal if no one knows who I am? Inspired by Colin's excellent post about breaking into the field and Tom's recent successes, and sitting on the cusp of summer, I've decided to expose myself for who I really am - a 24-year-old guy with a funny last name who's nutso for all things automotive.

That's me up top, sitting in my girlfriend's father's K5 Blazer in Los Angeles. You can tell my the goofy grin on my face that I am pretty fond of that truck. I mean, the guy swapped in a pair of front seats from a first-gen Mercedes ML, so it's definitely unique. This is prior to a mini road trip my GF and I took up the PCH, which is something I should have written about!


And that's my purpose in writing this screed, I guess. I haven't been the most frequent poster because I've always run with the mindset that every contribution I make has to be polished and special. This is not the case! So I'm going to be contributing a lot more, and I'm also going to relaunch my "In Plain Sight" car-spotting series from last summer that you guys seemed to enjoy.

In closing, I don't think that sharing my real name with you guys will magically turn me into a credible figure. Rather, it holds me more accountable for anything and everything I type, which means you can trust that I stand by whatever I post. I'm the only person with my name in the world (seriously, look it up).

See you in the field!

Kyle Cheromcha is a guy who enjoys cars and breathing, in that order. You can't find him on twitter, but maybe Facebook. He lives in NYC.