I've put up a brief post before, but they really do deserve something more in-depth. It's a quarter-mile drag event run by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club since 1905. It's run down Madeira Drive in Brighton, a straight of coast road lined with gorgeous Victorian wrought-ironwork. There was some truly awesome machinery present, the majority personal pet projects, all owned by BHMC members. Some stunning variety :)

These two spent most of the day parked next to each other. Great pairing :)

Lots of minis. This sticker-bombed one was particularly cool...

...and this one was probably the most nuts. Not only does it look the business, but it had a turbo'd Volvo 16v in the back!

There was even a mint old Hillman Avenger. Don't see many of them any more, which is a real shame. Great looking things :)

One man and his grinning mentalist :)

This old Riley managed to run a 13.8 on the run I saw. Not bad for a car from 1938...

...and this would be why. That's a twin scroll supercharger about the size of the rest of the engine:

This piece of art was attached to a Lotus Cortina

Some kickass American cars too, my favourite was this badass Plymouth:

"The Anorak"

Lovely little Falcon as well

Couple of Ford GT40s as well:

Loads of great engine swaps:

This one even had the boost gauges built into the original dash. Lovely fitment.

"LS9 Supercharged"

"If in doubt..."

I never saw this poor chap run...

...and this is why. Ouch:

When was the last time you saw an E-Type on drag wheels?

Venerable old pair.

Couple of Frenchies :)

One of which thoroughly impressed my aircraft engineer mate. Check out the gold-lined Lambda sensor and the piping for the engine bay fire extinguisher system. Every inch of this car was engineered to perfection.

And a couple of rare Italians:

One of which not exactly quick, but very cool...

...the other bloody fast :)

Speaking of bloody fast:

But by far the most bonkers car of the day was this old Allard J2. We had a chat with the owner and it's a car full of superlatives.

It's got a 9.25 litre big-block Chevy, running 14.5:1 compression and odd-smelling race-fuel. Socking great drag-radials as well.

Apparently he had a completely different setup for track work with a smaller engine. A paltry 7.5 litres! The best part about it though was that the owner was 80 years old that year :) he said that he loved how each year he got faster when everyone else his age was getting slower.

Legend, and great day :)