Well, I had a nice long first post planned out, and then my phone froze and deleted all of it. So instead, I'll give you this poorly written first official oppositelock post and cross my finger you guys don't make fun of me too bad in the comment section.

The X5M has 555 HP and 500 foot pounds of torque. Those are nice big numbers. The Raptor has 411 HP and 434 foot pounds of torque. Big, but smaller numbers. The X5M is constantly made fun of by auto enthusiasts. If you remember Doug Demuro's post a while back it was even the picture for his article on "shittiest pieces of existence ever".


On paper the X5M seems like the better car, and don't ask me which one is becaue I've driven neither, I'm a student hooning a 328i and I can't even afford to let the supple leather of either cars touch my "peasent" ass. The Raptor definitely destroys the X5M in one major category, respect.

The Raptor has even been complimented by 335i owners, and those are the douchy E90 guys (no offense, don't kick me off E90post plz). I've never seen 335 owners talk nicely about a performance vehicle that weighs anything more than their E92s. The Raptor somehow managed to please them on a recent post on e90post and I was completely surprised.

In another post about SUVs, every 335i owner was ridiculing the OP for considering an SUV with performance capabilities ( X5M, Cayenne GTS, ML63) and suggested him to get a wagon, while some OTHER 335 guys trash talked wagons immediately afterwards.


The raptor someone has these negative Nelly's on the dark side, which baffles me. Both get abysmal fuel economy, one is focused solely off-road and the other on road, so why does one of them get so much hate?