A year ago today, I began working on what became one of my proudest artistic achievements. What started as a experiment that I never planned on extending outside of my home state ended up encompassing all of the United States and Canada. Tons of you expressed interest in actually buying physical copies, and I fully intended to make that possible. Unfortunately, school and life in general got in the way. I eventually got the quote, but charging the intended $30 a pop would have produced very slim profit margins for me with the numbers I was given (not to sound greedy or anything, but money was part of the reason I planned on producing them seeing as I don’t have a job during the school year and get awful gas mileage). As the school year went on the project kinda just faded into the background and I accepted that I probably wasn’t going to be able to get them made. As of late, I’ve thought about restarting the project since I have a little more money. So.... what would you guys be willing to pay for one, and are y’all even still interested? All the plates are below. Thanks for your interest and support!