I gave this some thought recently as I have been shopping for the car to buy when I turn 25 and get to enjoy the reduced insurance rates in America. I live in michigan so as a no-fault state I get the pleasures of ridiculously jacked up insurance rates. Getting back on topic, my new car search has basically boiled down to Fiesta ST. In fact, I think the fiesta ST will become my personal answer to everything. This includes beating out the miata. I know it's a bit of a joke that "The miata is the answer to everything" but I think this car might flip that on its head. Here's why.

I literally can't come up with a daily or regular situation that the Fiesta ST can;t handle (besides larger family duties). Seriously, that is HUGE. It cities and econoboxes well with a nice MPG rating for a performance car as well as a small footprint for parking and precise steering to make it easy to maneuver into spaces. The hatch body style gives it a nice amount of storage space unless you ave lots of kids. 180hp isn't that much but in a vehicle this small, that is easily enough to go around safely and a good baseline for autoX or track days. The suspension is soft and high enough for everyday duty but tuned to handle great when pushed. The cherry on all of this is that there WILL be aftermarket support in spades so if you choose to make it faster in some way, you can do that.

I'm pretty sure my next car will be a Fiesta ST. Yes it isn't a RWD drift machine but really that isn't the point. Unless you are a professional drifter or racer, your daily routine probably does not involve going sideways. I personally have a 1.8 mile commute to work and it's a straight line. So let's be reasonable for a second - if you have a limited budget for a daily vehicle and you don;t have a large family yet.....why not pick the Fiesta ST that tops out at 25 grand? This frees you to have whatever you want as a fun vehicle knowing that you have a reliable, fun, and functional hatch for your day to day activities. Or even if you don't/can't have a second fun vehicle, the fiesta can be enjoyed year round with nothing more than a tire (or wheel and tire) swap. You can go and autoX or track the fiesta on the weekend, then drop off the kid on weekdays and pick up groceries in the evenings. Plenty of space to move boxes and small bits of furniture when that time comes around too.

I am looking at the hyundai genesis coupe 2.0 R-spec as well as a Mk6/7 GTI, Mustang Track Pack, an older C300 6-speed manual, S2000 CR, and an RX-8 R3.....Given my choices, I'd rather buy the Fiesta ST now and then buy the S2000, Genesis Coupe, or RX-8 down the line. The GTI costs more for not that much more car but is a valid buy. The C300 is a compromise between everything but I don't think I want another used german car in my stable. Clearly the only answer is Fiesta ST.