Hello Opponauts and Jalops! Like the title says this is a look back at this past week since I have recently bought a Miata because I guess it really was the answer.

I found this car on the list 7 days ago and surprisingly enough, it was only 30 miles away which is close for me. The ad said 1991 Miata with 62,000 original miles. Needed a couple things but ran good. Best part was that it was listed for $3250 which meant it was worth investigating. The guy was very cool and very honest about the car before hand so I bought it for $3k after some long talks and drove it home smiling the whole way!


Now, the car was in need of a few things to be really nice including a new top, good buffing, some dings pulled, and a thorough cleaning among other odds and ends. This week I have been working on getting it more road worthy as well as cleaning up the inside along with the engine bay.

Here is what I started with:

Interior was very dusty and had a broken console but the seats were not torn and everything else was in great shape!

Stone stock and lookin' grimy. It needed some plug wires and a valve cover gasket but runs very smooth with no smoke!

The battery cables were questionable. I am not sure of factory ground location but this is how it was.

Cable was about a foot too long...

The first order of business was to replace the battery and clean the trunk area:

Then the interior:

Along with a new console:

Then on to the engine bay...my favorite!

I figured since I was pulling the cover I would paint it as well. Crinkle black!

VHT high temp crinkle by the way...lays out very nice

All together after a quick rinse and de-grease session. I also added a K&N drop in filter and new wires.

Nowhere near done detailing the engine bay...

After all of this she is in tip top mechanical condition and I have been enjoying the car to the fullest. It is a great driving car for sure but it does have its quirks. My biggest gripe is how the rear end feels when being pushed a bit. I plan to get some adjustable shocks to remedy this. Overall the car is super easy to drive, quiet, and economical but mainly just plain fun. My friends have all fallen in love with the little thing and want one of their own now!


I will continue to clean the car up to make it look like an actual 62,000 mile car and will get there before too long. A top and buff will go a loooong way! Some wheels and tires will also help...I have my eyes set on some Konig rewinds because Japan!

As of now, I am going to drive this thing as much as possible and enjoy it as it was designed to be. Next week I should have my new OEM Miata keys here along with some sweet key chains I will post up! I will also have the OE tonneau cover, jack, tool kit, and center caps to help the original image.

In closing I recommend everybody to at least go for a ride in one of these cars as they are just plain fun! Cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap replacement parts, and great on gas.....what's not to love?!

Enjoy some pictures from my lunch break today on my favorite road! Hwy 79 between Louisiana, Missouri and Hannibal, Missouri.