Let's imagine 2 cars, OK. Both cars do 0-100 mph in about 8 seconds. Both cars have skidpad grip well in excess of 1.0gs, with downforce that increases with speed. Both cars seat 2.

However, Car A is made in some factory somewhere with all types of exotic, handbuilt materials, whereas Car B comes in a kit and can be assembled in a backyard. Car A has all types of technology that's smarter than you... automated gearbox, traction control, drift angle control, stability control, launch control, all types of controls outside of the driver's control, whereas Car B doesn't even have power steering as it's light enough to not need it, and doesn't have any trick toys as they are too expensive. Car A has a bespoke engine, but it's turbocharged and muffled to the point that it needs a "sound symposer", because some bureaucrats somewhere who hate cars don't want anyone to know it exists; while Car B has something pedestrian like a Subaru flat 6 or an LSx that's tuned for response and noise while still making emissions. Car A relies on technology to rein in all the weight and inherently bad dynamics of all that technology; Car B's technology is its simple design.

Most importantly, Car A is priced well beyond the realm of all but the 1%, often bought as display art for some unoccupied mansion somewhere, with eye-watering service costs and complex systems that only trained mechanics can deal with; whereas Car B can be damn near a learning tool for anyone looking to get into wrenching and car maintenance, and with its simple design and hodgepodge of mass-market components can be affordable and ownable by all but the brokest Jalops


If the future of performance is in technology that is complex, expensive and unattainable, there is no future for performance cars. We need more superlights, more Factory Fives, more GT86s, more Miatas... albeit with a little more performance, at the expense of bespokeness... and less eye wateringly expensive and complicated cars damn near nobody can afford new