Many people assume that motorcycles are very cheap to run and drive. and if you get a smaller CC sports bike or a sports touring bike, they can be cheaper then commuting in a car!.

What many people fail to realize is that bike require FAR more maintenance and FAR more consumables than a car.

At the end of last season I had a borderline brand new Michelin Pilot Road 4 one the front...and a significantly more worn out PR4 on the rear.

First things first. I do a LOT of mileage on my bikes. 25K miles per year is a lot on a car, let alone a bike that I cant use for 8 months of the year when i am at school.

With that in mind, and the fact that a good portion of my riding is what some would call...uhh...’spirited’, I opt for Michelin’s pilot Road 4 tires. Great grip, awesome in the rain, and they do get some decent milage. (about 14K KM out of a rear pending on how much of an idiot I am)

So for the SV, I’m looking at 3 rears for the season and probably 1 front to go along with it. that’s 220 x 3 + 177.

There is $837 JUST in street tires for the SV.

now, I also want to get into track days and want to have a different set of tires for my trip to the gap next year. enter 1 F + R set of dunlop Q3s for the SV (300)

$1137. Just in tires for ONE bike.

And just because I can, lets throw in the set of PR4s that the BMW will need as well. and because it runs the size up on the rear wheel (180 on the BMW VS 160 on the SV) a full set for the buzzsaw works out to 407 (230 R, 177 F)

grand total of $1544. Thats right folks. ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR DOLLARS worth of rubber for a year.

I should buy stock in Michelin.

Lets not even get into oil....3 quarts + a filter every 3K miles...thats 12-14 oil changes for a year. 40 quarts x $10/quart (accounting for a little bit of burning) and about $200 worth of filters. $600 in oil and filters.


Brake pads, about a set a season. another $150 right there. Spark plugs, again, a set a season. $50. A chain and sprocket set are thrown one as well, there is another $300.

So thats roughly $2000 in consumable stuff a year. NOT counting gas. Or gear that I wear out. or any major breakdowns that would happen.

Oh well. The dank whoolies are worth it :D