So today I took the Corvette to work, because it makes me hate driving my DD ('09 Accent GS) so much. It was due to rain badly this afternoon, so I snuck out of work at 9:30 to go swap cars.

I had a photography class tonight, so of course when I get back to work I realize that I left the camera in the Corvette. No big deal, I have time to run home after work to get it.

So I get home about 4:45 (the photography class starts at 6), and as I'm walking past the Corvette, I see oil on the ground, coming out from under the the driver's side. And of course I start freaking out. I checked the oil, and the level was normal. So I head out to my shed and drag the Harbor Freight low profile jack out of the shed, because I can't leave without knowing what the fuck is broken or I'll be distracted. It's enough oil that I'm thinking it must be a gasket or something like that, but not enough to change the level on the dip stick.


As soon as I get the car up in the air, I notice a small drip of oil on the bottom of the oil filter. I run in to get some paper towels, and get under the car. I wipe the oil off the filter, and realize that when the dealership did the oil change before I bought it, they didn't put the filter on tight enough. I was able to tighten it a full turn, which says a lot as I'm not known for my strength.

I've put 2,400 miles on this car in the 40 something days I've owned it - including 450+ miles of pure enjoyment last weekend. It could've been A LOT worse - it could've spun off without me noticing, grenading the engine.


For peace of mind, I'll check it on Sunday to make sure it's still tight. And I will definitely be the only person doing oil changes on this car, as long as I own it.

The picture is after I wiped off the excess with the paper towel - I'll have to hit it with some degreaser this weekend to remove the stain.

The horrors of seeing automotive fluids under your car

The horrors of seeing automotive fluids under your car