The variety of cars here in Colorado is truly amazing, a great change from the Oldsmobile Aleros, Pontiac Grand Prixs, and Ford F-150s of central Illinois. Oh and I saw a bunch of prototypes out altitude testing on Mt. Evans.

Gorgeous LHD Defender outside a brewery a few doors down from the place I’m staying.

Literally opened up the front door, glanced right and saw this.

And just around the corner was an S60R

With Spaceball!
Houseful of 1st gen Troopers. A SWB 2-door, a LWB 2-door, and behind the suburban was a 4-door.
the rare LWB 2-door.
Wait, what town am I in again?

Owner showed us around that one, all set up for tailgaiting with a minifridge, cooler, 2 TVs, and a custom awning.

MINTY Toyota pickup.

Keep in mind, everything I just showed you was within 4 blocks of the place I’m staying at. There’s tons more, I just didn’t have the time (or sunlight) to keep walking.

Oh, and this random cat who seemed to enjoy my company, as it liked to rub against my leg and purr. It walked with me for about 3 blocks.


The next day I made a quick visit to Earthroamer to visit fellow Oppo/LaLDer Enginerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who’s an employee there.

Due to trade secrets and a new project, the XV-HD, there’s no production line (if you can call it that) pictures. The XV-HD is based on the F-750, as opposed to the usual F-550. What I can say, is that it is MASSIVE. It makes semis and almost all other RV’s look small. They cost $1.2 million and they’ve sold 4 before the first is evening nearing completion.

Massive thanks to Enginerrrrrrr for showing me and my family around and giving us a tour of one of the finished products. For those who plan on watching the new Top Gear USA, this truck will be featured in it on one of the first episodes. It was also borrowed by Ken Block this past week.


Fun story: John Mayer got trapped in the bathroom of his Earthroamer because he left a cabinet door cracked and couldn’t open the door to the bathroom to get out.

Then after driving up Mt. Evans (which was pretty dicey at times, narrow lanes, bumpy roads, and no guardrail. Plus it was my first time driving on mountain roads like that), we got followed by this:

I have absolutely no idea what it is and don’t recognize any concept cars similar to it. My guess is a small Lincoln or Jaguar. The swirl pattern is similar to Jaguar.

UPDATE: it looks to be the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace. There’s only been a handful of spots, so that’s still pretty cool.

Then I saw a convoy of Ford test vehicles, but nothing super special and no pics. mostly just miscolored bumpers and radio and test equipment. And the ugly new Mustang.

Closely after that was a fleet of Cadillac CT6's with camo on, so maybe a new engine? There was probably 10 of them flying down the road in the opposite direction.

That’s all for today, I’ll have more in a few days.