Has been taking its toll on me. I experienced a lot of bites when I wasn’t ready and didn’t have time for a job; and now that I’m ready and have the time, it’s as if all the opportunities have dried up. All I want to do is to secure a job prior to graduating. I’m sick and tired of applying and customizing my resumes. I’m sick and tired of not hearing back, sick of hearing back and interviewing only to be shot down after 3 or more interviews, and sick of opportunities/offers that present themselves but are unaccomodating of my current class schedule — I have few classes remaining; all of which are afternoon/evenings. My earliest classes start at 4. All I’ve asked is for the ability to leave at 3 to commute to school for at least one month until I graduate. All have said no and can’t accomodate me not working full time, have me work 2 less hours a week, or shift hours to make it work.

I’ve also been waiting for a call from a recruiter all morning, and I guess it’s not happening any longer.