I saw one of these the other day at Starbucks and I was like, “wow I did not know Lexus made a convertible IS”

Looking every bit like the Toyota Camry Solaris that died in 2008, the Lexus IS 250 C is a real car that Lexus began offering in the IS line in 2010 and stopped unceremoniously in 2015

The main distinction lest you think this is actually a badge engineered Solaris convertible is that the IS 250 C has a folding metal hard top, that and of course it is RWD instead of FWD and was offered with a stick.

Used ones are now going for around $20k, I for one find that intriguing. In fact here is a 2010 with a manual for $23k, name me another RWD, V6, 6-speed metal folding roof convertible you can have for that price?