I didn't have so much time so I just went by to take a few pictures and did not take the time to try, with my limited knowledge of the japanese language, to talk with the owner, but this shop could be the most Jalop garage I've ever seen in my life. And those pictures do not include the cars that were being worked on inside the shop (A Jaguar Mk2 among a few other cars I could not discern through the mess)

Pure awesomeness of a shop!

Some of these cars do need to be worked on, but all seemed in pretty decent, restorable condition.

I will go back there some time soon and look a bit more in detail into who the guy who owns this shop is and what else he has :)


(The 2CV seemed to be his daily driver)

And on the way back, I found this...

Being sold for about 9500$... Argh, temptation is high :)