The 2016 Wrangler is going to get a diesel, which, if it's anything like the new diesel Grand Cherokee, it will get 24mpg average. It will retain it's 4x4, and it will still have a stick shift. 4x4 means it's either RWD or 4 wheel drive which is the best of both worlds! That's something I could get behind. I've always bought Subarus because AWD really is a wonderful thing up here in Wiscaaansin, but now I can man up and get an America mobile. I would probably need the Unlimited (4 door variety) because in the next few years there will probably be little people running around my house, and a Wrangler just makes sense with all of the crap that I love to use my wagon as an excuse to haul stuff around for (mountain bike, currently a wagon full of Milwaukee Tools, a dog, hockey bag & sticks, leaves and yard brush, large quantities of beer, etc.)

My old self would probably want to punch me in the face for even considering a Mopar product, but times are a-changing