Because variety is the spice of life. At these single make/model events the parking lot is usually the highlight of the show. Corvettes? Meh. An Alpha tuned 1000HP GTR in a great color though? Pretty cool.

Props to the owner for keeping the aesthetics low key.
A non turbo example, but exciting to see on the road nevertheless.
A V10 S8. These will be collectors items some day IMO.
E type! Partially restored.
Definitely a rolling resto project.
I’m pretty sure this is a Hyperblue edition?! Never seen one.
A genuine E55. These are ultra rare and I’m starting to like this body style in a “lol the nineties” sorta way. It looks like a melted jellybean. An agressive one though, sitting on some sweet monoblocks.
Excellent color on this Biscayne.
It’s yuuugeee!
Super clean. Definitely track/auto x focused.
Okay fine, here’s the show. Like Mr. Regular says... “My Corvette is best Corvette because (insert power mods/side pipes/fuzzy dice here).”
The Oppo special: brown on brown, manual, and definitely slow enough to be a diesel.