I just got back from a quick trip to the Outer Banks. One thing I was looking forward to was discovering some weird vehicles. While in general it was a bit disappointing and normal, two VW's are worth mentioning.

1. The Boonie Bug

I had initially thought that this was the Brubaker Box, but nope, it's another great VW Bug based van. (note: I just actually read the Boonie Bug link. It is based on the VW Bus. Does that make it any less weird? Nope.)

I passed this beaut and pulled a U for your viewing pleasure.

What is a Chevagen?

I don't think it runs.

Wonder what font that is? It's groooovy.

mmm, dat door....

just surface rust.

2. The VW WTF

This oddity was at a rental place. This one looks like it might actually run!

I actually really like the board rack.

Looks comfy.