I was browsing on the internet for reasearch relating to the article you are reading now and I came across a website devoted to old cars which is were I am saw the picture above. It showed the past and future of the automobile.

The Panther class was born in 1978 but no one cared until 2004 when Jalopnik became popular. It is a body on frames rear wheel drive, front engined sedan made by Ford. It is also a really good baby carriage and taxi cab confessional. The Panther can be best described by resident douchebag Brian1321 as, "Jalop as fuck." The Panther served admirabely until it was killed in 2011 when Ford realized that you dont make any money on sales of a 30 year old platform on the used car market even if jalopnik really likes it. Taxi companies were super sad that the panther was going away but no one cares because cabbies are dicks most of the time anyways.


The Panther was replaced by the Smart Fortwo. The Fortwo is a perfect evolution of the platform as it keeps its rear wheel drive, body on frame construction but making it better with a rear mounted engine. The Smart is smaller, lower, lighter, rear engined, and is a 2 seater. It is the definition of the jalop vehicle except it will run and people wont look at you like you are homeless. When you tell a girl you drive a Smart, she does not get moist. If you tell a girl you drive a rear wheel drive, rear engined two seater with plastic body panels she also does not get moist but that is ok because telling a girl you drive a crown victoria makes her want to pay you for driving her and her friends around brooklyn on a saturday night.

If you are looking to make the jump from Panther to Smart, I suggest you do it because panthers can bite your face off while Smart usually comes with money or a wise-cracking way of speaking even if i must admit i would rather have a pet panther than steve hawking because that dude drools a lot and is kind of a dick. beep beep bo boop.

If you want to buy a Smart, called Chris Hall (Desu-Sans-Toyota) and he will sell you one I think unless he is on break then go to someone else i dont know