Want to purposely make it look as if you fight zombies in a post-apocalyptic world? A 911 will pull off the look!

Want to get creative with the color combos and bodywork? A 911 will pull off the look!

Colored wheels and the name of the car along the side like your buddy’s V6 Mustang in a font that even your grandma’s Windows 95 finds outdated? A 911 can pull it off!


Want to hit it with a kit in a different color because racecar? The 911 will pull it off (you know it works better on the 911 than on any other vehicle in this world).

Racecar? 911 will racecar!


Even Porsche tries to ruin the 911 with every refresh and new generation (seriously, it’s a tradition now). However, the 911 is never truly ruined, it always pushes through anything that’s done to it. You can keep it showroom clean and never put a mile on it, mod the thing until it uses quad boat motors in back, or drive it so hard that it looks to be in the same shape as that Saturn Ion you saw on the side of the road. If you want to make an extreme statement, only one car will increase your odds of being accepted...

The Porsche 911, fam.

But Bisimoto is going to put a transverse Hyundai V6 into the back of this 1976 Porsche 911...

*I know you’re in love with the wrap on that top 911. Here is an article from Autoevolution on the project including the artist, owner, and team. You can also Google “Wrapzone” for a peak at all the badassery.