As we all know, the Ford GT was a very special car. It was built for Ford's 100th anniversary as a modern version of the Le Mans wining and Ferrari ass kicking GT40. It was Ford's supercar, but it was only around for three years. Since then, Ford has teased the world with a couple of Shelby Concepts that started rumor mills about a replacement for Ford's supercar that never came to fruition. So, with Ford making huge profits now, why not splurge a bit and make a new supercar?

So, here's my worthless opinion on what needs to be built: Start with Ford's upcoming Eco-Boost 2.3L 4 cylinder.

"Gasp!" you say, "A 4 banger supercar? You're shitting me, right?"

No, I shit you not. You start with the EB 2.3 and turn up the wick on it. Instead of the 300-odd horsepower it will have in the new Mustang, you give it a very reasonable 500 HP.


"OK, you're insane, but I'm listening. But now what are you proposing Ford do with a crack smoking 4 banger?"

You make a 2 seat carbon fiber monocoque and put the motor behind the driver.

"So, just like everybody else?"

Kind of, but you give it an advanced AWD set up with a high-performance suspension and a proper manual transmission.


"You lost me a 'proper manual transmission,' why would you spend all of that time and effort and not give it a dual-clutch?"

To keep the weight down and save money by not developing a good DCT. You also get to market the car as being special.

"Well, I like it so far, but what will it look like? Will it be sleek and sexy?"

Uh, no. It'll look like this: