The people! The cars! The scenery! The hidden gems of places to eat! The disregard for my own personal hygiene! Here's my own personal account of the events that transpired March 27-29.

Since family/work commitments kept me in Dallas on the rallye's first day, I left very early Friday morning. My wake-up call came much sooner than I expected. So after a quick banana and granola bar breakfast I was on my way. I joined another fellow 912-er at his place, met his brother and dad who were along for the trip, grabbed a tall cup of coffee and we were on our way. Due to the terrible bridge accident near Salado last Thursday, we decided to go the safer (and more relaxed) route of US-67/281/290 to Fredericksburg for lunch.


Once we were south of DFW we were making great time. Our only slight delay was to slow down and narrowly avoid a bobcat trying to scurry across the highway. Stupid bobcat.

After a stop for gas in Burnet with a few peculiar looks from locals, we pressed on to Fredericksburg for lunch at the renowned Crazy Frank's BBQ shack. Trust me. It's the real deal here.

We savored every deliciously rich 'window to weight gain' bite, before we split up. My buddy and his dad and brother would head to the hotel for some R&R while I spend some solo time at the Museum of the Pacific War.

If you are even remotely close to this area, I highly recommend dropping $14 and a couple of hours here. It's very well presented and gives you an incredible back story on how Japan rose to power in the late 1800s all the way to the unconditional surrender aboard the USS Missouri and the terrible price both sides paid.

After the museum, I arrived at the hotel in Kerrville and was greeted by a Carrera RS. No big deal, right?


The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing until our little "shine and show" event later that evening. Most all of the p-cars were there gleaming in the early evening sun. If you are an air-cooled fan (no pun intended) this is were you need to be!

Pro tip: People in Kerrville eat dinner pretty early so if you're hungry after sunset, you may be outta luck as most restaurants close around 7pm. Seriously.

Saturday morning was my first full day of driving around the Hill Country. Of the three groups of tours heading out that day, the first one out was a 'spirited' drive. Those cars would drive longer straights and highways. I decided to joint the first 'touring' group out of the hotel parking lot at 8:30 am. We would take all the twisty roads and switchbacks through Hunt, Vanderpool, Leaky, and stopped in Utopia where lunch was awaiting us.

After a pretty good lunch, with a side of sass from our waitress at no charge, some of the guys went back to the hotel while others went to a local vineyard to sample the goods. Me? I ditched everyone and rode solo to check out the scene in Bandera.

It was getting late in the afternoon, so I finished my quick tour and went back to Kerrville for the HCR banquet and social hour.


Sunday meant it was time to head back home. So after a few good-byes and small breakfast, we hit the road again. A quick stop that turned into a long stop in Hamilton for lunch and were back on the road. At that point we realized that the rest of the drive back would not be as much fun due to the traffic congestion we were expecting once we got back into Dallas. Sure enough, we made 2 detours to avoid traffic accidents before reaching my buddy's house. Finally it was time to head home solo. I drove home with a plethora of cars around me on the highway and arrived in my driveway just after 4pm.

So in review:

  • 962 miles total
  • 4 stops for gas
  • 1 near miss with a bobcat
  • 2 quarts of oil added even though the oil temp never strayed more than a 1/4 of the gauge
  • countless twists and turns
  • a continuous smile on my face every time I was behind the wheel
  • more stories from fellow Porsche enthusiasts than I can count

Not sure where next year's HCR will take place, but you can bet yer butt I'll be there!