Is that they get all riled when the presenters make fun in their general direction (mocking guys called Keith, or the american population in general, for example), but forget that the core of the program's humor are the presenters making fun of themselves, their country, their country's conventions. When the guys confidently march out in one of their creations or crappy challenge cars, they're not seriously expecting admiring glances for their geniality. When they make fun of the british for being lazy or going on caravan holidays, they don't expect people to believe things are that awful, that's called comic hyperbole. For every time they mention that the Corvette is built by a fat man in Kentucky, they mention ten times that british sports cars are built in shacks by lazy midlanders. The presenters don't take themselves seriously, but these people do, and, in my opinion, when you can have a laugh at your own expense, you can have a laugh at other people's as well. Oh, and the irony of a guy called Jeremy mocking a guy called Keith wasn't lost to the show, trust me.