I have many stories of car based stupidity from about 2 decades ago back when I was a teenager and had no respect for my life or others around me. This was a deeply deeply ignorant and dangerous point in my life, and I would never do these things again, but man do I have a collection of car based stories...


Here we go. There was a time when I was going to Trenton State college, which is now known as the College of NJ. I am with a friend and we are relaxing and engaging in our usual derelict behavior. Another friend of mine, comes along very upset. She just realized she has a paper due tomorrow that required her to visit the Metropolitan museum of art in Manhattan and she had forgotten to go. The Internet had just recently come to be and we were able to look up the time the museum closed and found we had about 2 hours until it closed. THIS WOULD BE CLOSE!.

At the time I drove a Toyota Supra Turbo... No not the really cool one, the one right before that, yeah the mark III. 1989 was the year it was birthed, an adjustable suspension it had, and a 3.0 turbo it used to unleash its ill will upon humanity. As we flew up the Turnpike heading towards New York City we exceeded 100 MPH most of the time. At some point we came across a Lexus SC400 which proved to be a great adversary in the family car lane slalom we engaged in. We hit 140 MPH on the turnpike numerous times here. Eventually we made it to NYC, parked and were inside the museum with 90 minutes of having left the college. My friend got enough information and was able to write her paper that night. BUT, that's not where the craziness on this trip happened...


Back then when driving North on the FDR along the east side of Manhattan, just as you were approaching the George Washington Bridge there were 2 buildings that you drove under in a somewhat closed off tunnel. We were in a rush to get back to school and I was driving nearly as fast as I had on the way to museum. Suddenly traffic started to back up under the buildings, however there was a 3rd lane that usually ends on the right. I had always used this lane to skip to the front of the line in my callous youthful neglect for the common decency and humanity towards others. As I merged into this right most lane at about 60 MPH. I realize that there was a truck half in this lane and I had just enough time to brake very hard and not smash into the back of it. This is where things went strange... Somehow my mind chose another option. I was not even consciously aware there was one, but some deep seeded, evil Kenevil portion of my brain stem acted out on its own. There was one of those concrete barriers up against the wall of the tunnel. One of the ones that gradually slope from the ground up. The kind you see in that picture I attached. Without hitting he brakes I swerved and hit the divider with my front right tire. The car went up, and 2 wheels were now on the wall of the tunnel as we continued to drive 60 MPH around the truck. I then jerked the wheel to the left knowing that if I came down too close to the wall it would break off my side view mirror. The car landed relatively gracefully and we continued on our way. Stunt complete. I didn't realize this later but my friends were so scared that they had lost the ability to speak for the rest of the drive home.

Again I would like to state that I do not condone this kind of driving or behavior, but this is one of many stories of total insanity that was committed by me and my friends in vehicles when times were simpler and you didn't have to worry about being pulled out of your car at gunpoint even for something ridiculous. Look forward to future stories on how I jumped an M3 stop sign height, landed on a highway, escaped the cops in daring chases, and more auto-insanity!