You're Toyota. You put out a front-wheel drive hybrid car that manages a totally meaningless 20:59.4 lap time on the 'Ring. What do you do about it? Gloat? Well, you definitely do that, but you also put out a special edition to celebrate this act of driving really slowly.

This is the Toyota Prius Plug-In with the Sub21 special package. Clearly, "Sub21" refers to its under-21 minute 'Ring run time. (Clearly.) And when you opt to make the first plug-in hybrid car with such a time even better, you get standard brakes, special low-drag wheels, standard seats, and the low-rolling resitance tires.


Toyota even notes that their tires are the ones you can get on the Scion FRS, which costs about the same as a Mustang V6. And they're not bitter about it at all. No, sir.

The new optional package is priced at £2,025, or about $3,400 in our money if the Prisus wasn't sold here, which it sadly is. That's a shame, because I'd take almost anything over a Prius Plug-In in a heartbeat.