Read this. It's important.

Tin Lizzie. Prohibition. Jazz. The Great Depression. Lady Day. Segregation. Huge cars. The Voice of America. The moon landing.


Cultural symbols, some good, some bad, of America during the early to mid-20th century, when we "truly" were the greatest country in the world. When everybody was in relatively good shape and wore beautiful clothes and had tailors because they were affordable. When our cars were twenty feet long, had wings and nobody worried about not having enough money for gas. When everybody listened to our music. Romance defined us as our attitudes declared that we could and would do anything. An unstoppable country.

It wasn't perfect. It wasn't even good, by god we were a terrible country full of inequality, segregation, pain, and stupid people making stupid decisions. Black? Drink over there, "nigger". Gay? Jail for crimes against humanity. Religion and prejudice were abundant much like they are today. America was anything but the greatest country in the world.

But it was the greatest country in the world.

And we can make it great again.

We can still take back the beauty, the culture, the pride and romance without the rotten bits. What I want you to do next Sunday night is put on your Borsalino, get in your Buick, drive down to the movie theater and watch a non-violent movie with a person you love, be that person white or black, male or female, straight or gay.

We can, truly this time, be the greatest country in the world.